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"I just wanted to let you know that I think the new disc is absolutely awesome. Incredible! Really different. Congrats to you and the rest of the crew."     James @ The Folk Shop, Tucson

"I have a lot of CD’s of my friends, and I love them. But this one is number one on my list."
Annonomous, Tucson

"p.s.s. Your I Hear Voices CD is TIGHT!!!!!!!!!! Love it."     Dana D, Tucson

Usually when I get a new CD, I copy 2 or 3 songs into my playlist. EVERY SONG from your new CD made my favorites playlist, and I listened to them almost every day during my 350-mile trek across Spain on The Camino.     Debra, Tucson AZ

Our Third CD:
Here Comes the Band is the 3rd CD from Tucson vocal group I Hear Voices! This CD demonstrates what happens when a band has a single idea about group identity, and works hard at it for over five years. You can tell it's the same 4 people who sang on the first CD, but clearly something has changed. You could say simply that the sound has gotten stronger, and that'd be hard to challenge. It's as if this group has spent its time singing together, getting to know themselves as a group, and then feeling solid about it.

Bobby Kimmel, Kathy Harris, Bobby Ronstadt and Suzy Ronstadt are the 4 singers. Jack Culver on mandolin is now a regular member of the band, with Kimmel on rhythm guitar and the other members regularly playing percussion of some sort. The band is working on new material for the 4th CD...

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Our Second CD:
Over 2 years ago, at one of our earliest rehrearsals, we began talking about getting to record some day with Greg Morton and Heather Hardy, our friends here in Tucson, and two of the finest players on the planet. So this CD is pretty much a dream come to life.

Heather "Lil Mama" Hardy went to the Manhattan School of Music in New York right out of high school. For the occasion her parents bought her a fiddle made in 1799 which she plays on this CD. She's one of the most passionate soloists I know. Greg Morton might have the sweetest right hand of any bluegrass guitar player ever, and we captured some of his finest playing on this CD. When it came to choosing a bass player, there were a number of good ones. But I counted on Jim Stanley to play parts no one else would. No one on this CD is plugged in.

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Our Debut CD:
This recording is a celebration the human voice, the essential musical instrument. All but a few of these songs are recorded just as we perform them, 4 voices, 1 guitar, nothing more. We began with the concept of one sound. Four voices, one sound.

This CD represents a wonderful musical experience for all of us. The process of coming together at this late stage of all of our musical lives, learning to sing together, learning to trust one another, learning to arrange together, and over these first 15 months, growing together into the group we are today...

It's been a rich and rewarding experience for all of us to be part of a creative process where the whole is so much greater than the sum of the parts.

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