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Bobby Ronstadt

Born in Tucson in 1953, Bobby Ronstadt is a member of the "world famous" Ronstadt Family (more famous to the Tucson area than many people realize anymore). His Grandfather Federico Ronstadt came to Tucson from Mexico in the late 1800’s at the age of 14. Federico established a hardware business and organized other merchants to form one of the very first Philharmonic Bands in Southern Arizona. A daughter from his first marriage, Luisa Espinel, became an internationally known Folklorico singer and dancer in the 1930’s. His granddaughter, Linda Ronstadt, was also well known throughout the world from the 1960’s until today. This legacy has brought many musical Ronstadts to the Tucson area and beyond.

Bobby Ronstadt
Musician Bobby Ronstadt

Bobby was born to Federico’s youngest son, Edward. Seventh of twelve children, he was also inspired from an early age to play, sing and even compose music. He was invited to join a band with his older brother John in the late 60’s called "The Null Set" which proved to interfere with High School studies and wouldn’t last. John went on to make a musical name for himself with a number of groups in various genres. After High School, Bobby formed a band called the Paul Ludwig Group (named after the drum set) and played the Tucson club circuit in the early 70’s. With the demise of the group, and a failed marriage, he moved to Los Angeles in 1977.

Bobby Ronstadt With Friends
Bobby Ronstadt Onstage With Friends

Working in the Printing Industry, he played music every chance he got. He recorded some of his original songs in studios around LA but his "claws" weren’t quite sharp enough to cut through to any real recognition. So he sang part-time in a band with some roommates, mostly wrote and played for enjoyment in backrooms and parties and even did a brief tour with his brother John and cousin Michael (Linda’s brother).

In 1989, he met Suzy Horton, another frustrated songwriter from the 70’s. They melded their musical talents, married, survived the Northridge Earthquake of 1994 and moved out of LA back to solid ground in Bobby’s hometown at the end of that year. He continued to work in printing and in 1999 put together a recording project of his own songs with brothers, sisters, nieces, cousins and wife Suzy, and produced a CD entitled "Shadows in the Dream". Even Linda came in and graced the record with her beautiful harmonies.

Since they’ve been back in Tucson, Bobby and Suzy have joined forces with many singer/songwriter friends and musicians, played and sponsored music nights, open mics, fundraisers, conferences and Folk Festivals. Notably, in 2012 they were asked to sing the Tucson Folk Festival with Bobby Kimmel and Kathy Harris. In 2013 they’re back with a new CD, "I Hear Voices!"

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